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The 2012 catalog is here!

Just click on the catalog to view online, or go below to download.


 Here's a downloadable catalog for our 2012 sale.  However, be warned that download times could run a couple of minutes per chunk unless you have DSL, you lucky duck!  We strongly encourage you to download the sale information pages and the reference sire/interpreting the data pages along with whatever lots you're interested in.  You'll also need Adobe Acrobat Viewer 5.0 or later.


After you've downloaded, please click here so you'll be on the list for next year's catalog.

High Speed Users

Slower Connections*

2012 DRI/KCC Production Sale Catalog

32 pages (all the sections listed to the right in one chunk), 2.5 Mb PDF

Cover, sale information, letter, dv auction info, cattle handling

Pages 1-6 ,1 Mb PDF

DRI Black Angus Bulls

Pages 6-15, 592 Kb PDF

KCC Red Angus Bulls

Pages 16-24, 621 Kb PDF

DRI Commercial Bred Heifers, KCC Commercial Bred Heifers
Pages 25-27, 382 Kb PDF

 Data and Photo Gallery

Pages 28-32, 996 Kb PDF

If you've never done this before, click on one of the catalog pages links.  You will see a browser page but it will be blank for a little while depending on your connection speed.  After the pages appear, either tell your computer to save or print depending on your preference.  Once you've done that, hit your browser's back button and come back for the next chunk.  Happy downloading!


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