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 Kniebel Cattle Company is a fourth generation ranch located in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  Great-grandfather Kniebel started raising cattle in 1878.  Like most operations, the base herd was Hereford; but unlike most operations there were never any calves sold, only market ready cattle.  Originally finished cattle were driven to the railhead.  As years passed these cattle were trucked to Kansas City, sold to packing houses through local sale barns and eventually bought by packers direct.

In 1996, we joined US Premium Beef, a closed cooperative of ranchers and feeders that then purchased part of National Beef.  USPB pays for harvested cattle on a grid that rewards the quality we strive to produce.  The cattle we like are thick, moderate, easy keeping, pound producing and also happen to be the higher grading, choice cattle.  USPB rewards us for that and also allows us market access to continue feeding our cattle at home.  We can then collect carcass data and add that to our culling criteria.  We believe in trying to have a well-rounded program and try not to chase any single trait or fad.  We also believe strongly in crossbreeding for our commercial herd.  A crossbred calf or replacement female has heterosis that increases efficiency for free!  Our crossbreeding program consists of a 3 breed rotation of Red Angus, Angus and Horned Hereford.  We know we get heterosis on an Angus/Red Angus cross even though they are both “Angus” because of the extreme difference in the gene pool. You can see it.

We continue to try to find ways to be more efficient and are currently incorporating different grazing varieties and techniques to hold costs down.  They look very promising.

There are 3 families that now run Kniebel Farms and Cattle Co.: Charles and Mona (3rd generation), and two sons, Kevin his wife Mary Ann and Chuck and his wife Kim.  We run 600 cows of which 100 are 100% 1A Red Angus.  We also have a 1000 head feedlot and farm around 2500 acres.  We do not have hired help so we demand cattle that are low input.  Red Angus has fit extremely well in that program.

If you have an interest in  finishing some of your calves and finding out if your genetic choices have been correct, contact us for information on different programs available through us or our Black Angus seedstock partner Downey Ranch. Thank you for your interest!

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