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Mary Ann went to Africa!!  Click Here to see story and pictures!

Fair steers

Cassie's black steer out of red angus cow (reserve Grand Champ), Clays red angus class winner and the loin eye on Cassie's steer's carcass


Clay's senior pictures!  They are both at K-State now!




Cassie's senior pictures!


Bulls and cows in the snow and below zero temps.                                                       



Cassie is the artist! Who can resist the first snow!





A few weeks ago the northern lights were slightly visible from our area!!

I borrowed this photo!




Sale bulls gathered at the creek.

Heifer in the 1000 acre pasture standing at the waterfall.



Cassie, Clay and Kevin at the county fair.

Barb and I delivering bulls, turned into quite the tire escapade!  Two blown tires, 8 bulls on the trailer, 25 miles from town, the jacks could not pick up the load (neither could the tow truck, but that's another story), but 2hours later we were on our way again.  Thank goodness my spare was the same size as hers. 



Kevin and Joe clipping bulls for ultrasound.





The ultrasound crew was busy!



Clay with his HUGE turkey shot 4/7/06!!



Turkeys in the front yard!



Purple gayfeather, a native praire flower, gives a great show!

This was taken Sept 5, 2005.




Normally, you cannot see the creek from this view.  It is now at least 100 feet across.  Maybe the drought is broken!!  At least we finally got pond water.



Clay took this picture for the Kansas Red Angus photography contest.  Isn't she a good mama!




Cassie took this picture for the contest, she received champion honors!



Sale heifers.




Bulls on test.  Note that they have access to all you see in the photo.  We don't want them ever to stand around a lot!





Cassie and her Red Lightning heifer at the fair.