Thanks to all for a great sale!  The red bulls averaged 7250, and the bred heifers averaged 3361.  The black bulls averaged 6200 from our sale partners Downey Ranch!


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Our next production sale is Friday, November 6, 2015.  


This is Lot 42--KCC Abraham 401-350

Bulls like him sold Friday, November 7! Go to the Sale Cattle  tab above to see the rest! Or just click here!



This is KCC Pinnacle 949-109, a Conquest son out of a Ribeye daughter.  He sold to ABS at our November 2, 2012 production sale!


We have calves on the ground from him and they averaged 65-72lbs birthweight.  They will be the first Pinnacle calves to sell!  

  Contact your nearest ABS representative. Below are his credentials!

EPD 11 -4.0 63 99 26 5 4 6 12 0.68 0.21 23 0.10 0.06


This is just an average cow on pasture here in the Flint Hills!


Fertility  ~  Easy Keeping  ~  Disposition  ~  Feedlot
These traits are important to us and we think they are to others also. 

Our registered cattle are raised with the commercials under range conditions.  

In 1990, we started artificially breeding heifers to a red angus bull that was in the semen tank we purchased at a sale.  That bull was FTF Double Chief N601.  Granted, we did not know at the time what a gold mine we had, but you should see the commercial females we have! 

Well, we were hooked.  The temperament was so wonderful and the cross worked so well for us we decided to buy Red Angus bulls for the cows.  We were very specific in what we wanted since our endpoint (and paycheck) is the carcass and pounds produced. We found it was very hard to find what we needed.  At that point we purchased females (Mary Ann has a masters in repro phys and has done much work in the ET field) and decided to breed for what we needed.  Our carcass data over the last few years shows the progression in the right direction!  We hope we can keep doing that.

If you are looking for bulls raised under ranch conditions, not pampered and already heavily culled, give us a call!



 JULY 2008

Kevin and Mary Ann pose for a picture with Lora Rose, the president of The Beef Improvement Federation at the convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.   We were very honored to be chosen as the 2008 Commercial Producer of the Year!

Are you confused about the genetic defects in all breeds that seem to have come in a tidal wave?  Don't panic!!  Most of these anomalies are simple recessive traits that are very easily handled.  Whether it is marble bone in the Red Angus or curly calf in the blacks, just make sure that seedstock you purchase are tested free.  It is a very easy management step for a commercial producer to take.  Registered breeders will be behind the proverbial eight ball now, testing cows and progeny to find out where they stand.  I do believe that we have breeders with great integrity who do have the commercial producer in mind when they make their management decisions and they will do everything they can to assure they do not MESS UP YOUR COWHERD!! 

Would you like more information on marble bone?  Click here for a research update.